Living Independently with VSP Medical Supplies

Living Independently with VSP Medical Supplies

Our senior or disabled loved ones need our assistance. However, some of them also do not like to depend on others because they want to take full control of their lives. In this situation, as family members, you must help them attain their desired independence. As a healthcare provider, we can also help through professional medical services provided by our orthopedic in Pennsylvania.

VSP Medical Supplies offers a wide range of online medical equipment that can assist your senior or disabled family members in their daily living. For a comfortable and PWD-friendly home, we have available ramps, lifts, and recliners of different kinds that can accommodate your family member’s specific needs. Moreover, to prevent falls, we offer grips, rails, toilet safety frames, and transfer benches to keep the bathroom safe. To provide mobility assistance, we offer quality wheelchairs, scooters, walking aids, walkers, canes, and crutches.

Aside from mobility products, we also have daily living aids, such as diabetic shoes, portable lifting cushions, reachers, bed warmers, cold packs, and others. These medical products aim to make independent living for seniors and PWDs easier and more comfortable.

As a trusted medical supply store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we offer only quality and safe products that address your elderly or disabled loved ones’ daily mobility needs. For a complete list of our available equipment, please visit our site at

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