Easy Ways to Manage Shortness of Breath

Easy Ways to Manage Shortness of Breath

When you feel like breathing seems to be difficult, most likely you’re experiencing dyspnea or shortness of breath. This distressing respiratory problem is common, but sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious if it persists for a long period.


On the other hand, when it isn’t caused by a medical condition, the following home remedies can help you manage your short bouts of breathlessness:


  • Deep Breathing

    Also known as diaphragmatic breathing. This breathing is done by drawing in air through your abdomen. You need to lie down and breathe through your nose until your abdomen fully expanded before letting the air out. Do this slowly and mindfully.

  • Steam Therapy

    Breathing in moist air helps clear the lungs and airways of mucus. As a result, breathing will become easier, and chest pain, which is sometimes present when you have dyspnea, will drastically be reduced. You can find easy-to-use online medical equipment for steam therapy at VSP Medical Supplies.

  • Pursed-lip breathing

    Pursed-lip breathing allows you to breathe deeper. The proper way of executing this exercise is by pressing your lips together, leaving only a tiny gap where the air can pass through as you exhale. This simple way of controlling dyspnea helps release the air trapped in the lungs efficiently.

However, when your shortness of breath is caused by an injury in the chest, visiting an orthopedic in Pennsylvania might be needed.


And if you’re experiencing a problem that requires you to buy products specially made to address that issue, you can visit our medical supply store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where you can find medical supplies for just about any of your healthcare needs.

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